screamin because of MOS

hooray for this entry's title~
just have message from irene about a practice..
i thought she sent a wrong message so i asked her about it.. and am SHOCK with her reply..
she said that i am one of the back up for PBB..
and it means i MUST PRACTICE FOR PBB too huh??? and she said its about 8 times! WTH~
this is ruined my dayy~ come onnn i hate PBB~ geezzzzz.. am bad at itt~ >.<
even im only a back up, i must take the practice too~ buuu~

so in MOS program, i will take part in administration and that super-bad-stressed-tired-hot- sweaty PBB's back up..
for admin, its kinda hard too.. must make cloth design, banner design, a lot of letter etc2, ID's card design, and so onnn~
and i dont really know the member too.. aaahhh
then back to PBB.. luckily, elyne my mamih also in PBB so we can take this stresful activity tgther..
and sadly, the practice is in the court and after the meeting.. so its in NOON~ shit..
jadi intinya saia bakal capek, berkeringat, gosong, puyeng, pusing, dan sebangsa~

but MUST ENJOY IT~ okay.. must enjoy it.. tabahkan hatimu wahai melinda soewandi~ xD
klo ga enjoy ntar jadi buyar.. harus optimiss dan positive thinkinng~ !
and pleaseee i hope everythin will gonna be alrite.. both for MOS and recruitment.. *pray..

oh, and last saturday, my cellphone's battery was LOST.. T^T~
my cellphone was in the lowbatt mode, so i borrowed mel2 battery.. and i put my battery inside my bag..
i remembered that i had put it well~ but when im on my way home from umeda, i didnt find it! >.<
and i remembered that i have the other batteries, so i lil bit dun fell worried.. then when i got homw, i found if that battery was brokennn~
so i decided to buy new battery.. and my dad told me to buy new cellphone too~ YIPPIE~
think about by sharp's mobile.. but then i thought a lot of things that made me not buy it while i reallllyyy want it sooo much~ haiyahh..

and today, kame's n jin's uchiwa were arrived~

jin's uchiwa isnt that bad like whad i thought bfore so i think i'll keep it.. huakakaka~
so first i didint mean to buy it.. but because i bought kame's uchiwa for ceho birthday present, and minchi mise said that we must preorder min 2 pieces, so i bought jin's..
but if i need money, i will sell it .. interest anyone? i can hold it for you~ xDDDDD

thats all for todayy~

see ya in another entry!~

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JUST a SHORT post. #2

beep beep..
ring ring..

this is melinda who is studying GEOGRAPHY for the midterm test on monday reported while listening to beyonce's songs.
really2 wanna burn that book~ wew...

latest HI-LITE on my life ::

MKM will be held on next week ! wooo.. 
FYI, this is the first MKM after 8 years and hey, there's me on the MKM's posters~ ngyahahahahahahahahahha~yeahh, i've a role on MKM's drama.. not a big role and i dont act on the stage..  but thats okay~ XDXDXD..  and please! why they cut my skirt?? mine was shorter than that! grrrrrrrrr...
from left-right :: melinda, wiyang, gladys, elyne, yovita
*semua anak mandiri loo.. kcuali si wiyang.. mwahahahha*

★ being active and adorkable bcoz of webcam.. *derita orang yang ga punya webcam* mwahahahaha~ photos time!

★ next week will be my HELL week AGAIN~ midtestttt~ oh no oh no oh no.. especially social subject test or i shud say that damn geography and sociology ~ oh no oh no oh nooo~

LAYOUT's for mandiri were finally done! wouw.. i had to do 7 layouts.. buuuu~ but its really fun! XD

★ need more spaces for my mobile phone and computer~ oh GOSH! wew~

★ being in LOVE again with DIGISCRAP! wohooooooooooooooooo ~

okay.. so dats all~
and i think i'll take my hiatus for a few weeks~

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okay.. got this meme from achahh hah hah hah aka queenofalldorks 

so y'all who see this post, please DO IT FOR ME because i need your review about me and whad do you think about me!

# Who is this?
# Are we friends?
# When and how did we meet?
# How have I affected you?
# What do you think of me?
# What's the fondest memory you have of me?
# How long do you think we will be friends or enemies?
# Do you love me?
# Have I ever hurt you?
# Would you hug me?
# Would you kiss me?
# Would you marry me?
# Emotionally, what stands out?
# Do you wish I was cooler?
# On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I?
# Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
# Am I loveable?
# How long have you known me?
# Describe me in one word.
# What was your first impression?
# Do you still think that way about me now?
# What do you think my weakness is?
# Do you think I'll get married?
# What about me makes you happy?
# What about me makes you sad?
# What reminds you of me?
# What's something you would change about me?
# How well do you know me?
# Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
# Do you think I would kill someone?
# Are we close?
# Will you post this somewhere to see what people say about you?

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gong xi xin nian.. xin nian guai le
wang shi ru yi.. shen di cian kang


yes yes yes.. saia kembail dgn cerita2 indah ttg xin cia kmren~ mwahahaha~
dimulai yaaa~
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