July 16th, 2010


New Look

Hello there!
I did change some of my blog's part and as you can see, new layout! yahooooo!
i have not change my old layout for a year and i need some refreshment look on my blog.
Actually i wanted to change the layout all the time but i could not find the right one.
And yesterday i did some research in many layout communities and finally i decided with this layout!

Changing my blog's title also one of my so-called-my-blog-repairment-project.
I need to find a new title so i googled 'beautiful words' and found out a web full with 100 beautiful words in English.
Then this word successfully caught my heart !

 "Finding something nice while looking for something else"

In this life we always seeking and aiming for something.
And when we are trying to get that, we often facing some bad things.
But instead of that we will found something beautiful and you will never regret it in your whole life :D

And for my new header, i am sorry if i am being so narcissistic lol

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