January 2nd, 2010


fisrt post in 2010 =)

Hi ya! Happy new year minna !
This is melinda reporting from my car in my trip to trawas with my big fam.
Hve nothin to do in here and I don't want to get carsick so how abt writing a blog? XD

today is my last holiday in this christmas and new year vacation.
Next monday I'll go back to school and starting the 2nd semester.
It will be a tough semester because the national exam are going to hold in march and it means that our lesson will be faster than bfore.. =(

then I don't do particularly things in this holiday.
Only went to trawas with mandiri despite of playing DS and watching dorama.

Silly! XD

I think I need more exercise.
I feel my body is getting weaker! Rofl

And LJ hates me today.
Its very difficult to upload pics from my phone.
Sigh. So there's no pic for today. =(

Enough for today.. Will add more soon! <3
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