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a walk to remember

Its been something that i had been waiting for right since 3 years ago, but now its something that i hate most.
Thinking about graduation, it means a good bye, or i could say you have succesfully passed one of your finish line.

High school has took a huge part of my life like seriously.
Laughter, tears, scatteredness, exultance, everything that i've been through a lot in this 3 years is something that i never regret.
And i know its gonna work out somehow.

Looking back when i had just graduated from junior high school, i ever said that junior high school was the best moment and i didn't think the same about high school. Now, i have to recorrecting my thought then.
JHS was great, but high school's moments were even greater, ryt? It feels that i want to be a high schooler like forever! HA!
You can feel the togetherness towards others, every little things that you did or shared with your friends were memorable.
And i bet it something that i hardly find in university's life

X.8 2008-2009

XIA4 2009-2010

XIIA6 2010-2011

Mandiri Squad

Thank you for this beautiful 3 years,
Thank you for the memories,
Thank you for everything!

Happy graduation everyone!
Wish that we're gonna have a great life and till we meet again someday :D
xoxo <3
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