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quick quick

Just a quick post here and a little update of my recent days.
National exam was a success and it was a huge relieved that it was all over! HAA!
So it will be approximately 3 months holiday and gonna make a plan what am i gonna do in this super long holiday.
Thinking about doing any sports considering my weight which is gaining everyday and i should get rid of these fat around my body lol.

Been in Singapore for Maroon 5 concert and it was awesome!

My first ever concert so i was kinda thrilled ;)
The show was great and sadly my seat wasn't that close to the stage so we couldn’t see them clearly.
And sure Adam Levine is effing hot! GRAWRRR!
Thanks to my cousin digicam for the shots. Mine was kinda messed up because i completely forgot to charge the battery oh crap!

Also all hail topshop for having this lace up brogues!

Have been searching for this kind of shoes and finally found it there ha!

Anyway, tomorrow is another big day !

Gonna go to bali with my classmates and i bet it will be fun!
WIll be reported how it goes there right here asap!

Also had changed this blog's appearance and i promise i will post more in this holiday because i have nothing to do and oso i have to practice my writing *fingercrossed*




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