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in a deep depressed state D:

uh oh! this post's title is a big no no but yes, that's the fact!
starting my last year in high school, SURELY i need to be more focus and keep up my grades.
i was failed in my first test and it made me freakin out.
In fact, ecently i dont have any energy and spirit to study.
may be it because of the tiredness becoming a student for about 14 years?? xD
now am still struggling with this condiiton and hope that my grades will be better soon an please NO REMIDIAL TEST D:

Really busy these days with my school's year book business and also the mega super lotta homeworks, project, and exam.
Also haven't search any information about my undergraduate universities that i want to take soon after i have graduated.
my brain need a rest for sure DDD:
this year will be so damn tough! hope i can face it.

PS. wish me luck for my math test and physics remidial test tomorrow !
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