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well.. this is my resources to make icon, siggy, header, layout base, etc~

such as brush, textures, style, and pics~

big thanks for them who made those wonderful and beautiful graphics and upload them here~


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a walk to remember

Its been something that i had been waiting for right since 3 years ago, but now its something that i hate most.
Thinking about graduation, it means a good bye, or i could say you have succesfully passed one of your finish line.

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hiya there! i'm back here in surabaya! 
Seriously i got nothing to do and like what i've promised in my last entry, here will be my report from my last trip to bali with my lovely classmates :DD


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quick quick

Just a quick post here and a little update of my recent days.
National exam was a success and it was a huge relieved that it was all over! HAA!
So it will be approximately 3 months holiday and gonna make a plan what am i gonna do in this super long holiday.
Thinking about doing any sports considering my weight which is gaining everyday and i should get rid of these fat around my body lol.

Been in Singapore for Maroon 5 concert and it was awesome!

My first ever concert so i was kinda thrilled ;)
The show was great and sadly my seat wasn't that close to the stage so we couldn’t see them clearly.
And sure Adam Levine is effing hot! GRAWRRR!
Thanks to my cousin digicam for the shots. Mine was kinda messed up because i completely forgot to charge the battery oh crap!

Also all hail topshop for having this lace up brogues!

Have been searching for this kind of shoes and finally found it there ha!

Anyway, tomorrow is another big day !

Gonna go to bali with my classmates and i bet it will be fun!
WIll be reported how it goes there right here asap!

Also had changed this blog's appearance and i promise i will post more in this holiday because i have nothing to do and oso i have to practice my writing *fingercrossed*




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hey ya!  FYI, doddling is my new hobby now!
this kind of thing really helpful to kill boredom! yes it is!
and i think i will post some of them here, ofc after i retouched it in photoshop :D

here it is!

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in a deep depressed state D:

uh oh! this post's title is a big no no but yes, that's the fact!
starting my last year in high school, SURELY i need to be more focus and keep up my grades.
i was failed in my first test and it made me freakin out.
In fact, ecently i dont have any energy and spirit to study.
may be it because of the tiredness becoming a student for about 14 years?? xD
now am still struggling with this condiiton and hope that my grades will be better soon an please NO REMIDIAL TEST D:

Really busy these days with my school's year book business and also the mega super lotta homeworks, project, and exam.
Also haven't search any information about my undergraduate universities that i want to take soon after i have graduated.
my brain need a rest for sure DDD:
this year will be so damn tough! hope i can face it.

PS. wish me luck for my math test and physics remidial test tomorrow !
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Indie folk pop :D

i will admit it that i love indie folk pop music more than the others!
Listen to this kind of music comforts me a lot when i have a trouble.
Recently i saw this band on starworld and they sucsessfully caught my heart

Kings of Convenience

That was the first time i saw their performance and i loved it!
Yes, it because of their folk pop accoustic music :D.
Just downloaded their latest album on 2009, 
Declaration of Dependence
and it is as good as my expectation!

Will download their album more =)

And if you have any recommendation of folk pop music singer/group, please tell me! :D
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New Look

Hello there!
I did change some of my blog's part and as you can see, new layout! yahooooo!
i have not change my old layout for a year and i need some refreshment look on my blog.
Actually i wanted to change the layout all the time but i could not find the right one.
And yesterday i did some research in many layout communities and finally i decided with this layout!

Changing my blog's title also one of my so-called-my-blog-repairment-project.
I need to find a new title so i googled 'beautiful words' and found out a web full with 100 beautiful words in English.
Then this word successfully caught my heart !

 "Finding something nice while looking for something else"

In this life we always seeking and aiming for something.
And when we are trying to get that, we often facing some bad things.
But instead of that we will found something beautiful and you will never regret it in your whole life :D

And for my new header, i am sorry if i am being so narcissistic lol

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fisrt post in 2010 =)

Hi ya! Happy new year minna !
This is melinda reporting from my car in my trip to trawas with my big fam.
Hve nothin to do in here and I don't want to get carsick so how abt writing a blog? XD

today is my last holiday in this christmas and new year vacation.
Next monday I'll go back to school and starting the 2nd semester.
It will be a tough semester because the national exam are going to hold in march and it means that our lesson will be faster than bfore.. =(

then I don't do particularly things in this holiday.
Only went to trawas with mandiri despite of playing DS and watching dorama.

Silly! XD

I think I need more exercise.
I feel my body is getting weaker! Rofl

And LJ hates me today.
Its very difficult to upload pics from my phone.
Sigh. So there's no pic for today. =(

Enough for today.. Will add more soon! <3
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